OARS list is circulated freely, courtesy of colleagues and organizations including the websites:


ASAP Association of Adaptation Professionals

NHMP Natural Hazard Mitigation Association

Recovery Diva

Redevelopment Institute



Other resource lists and portals:


• GCRI Organization Directory Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. 130 organizations (international) job searches, networking, GCR community. www.gcrinstitute.org

•  Journalist’s resource website with searchable data base for research all topics (news), e.g., climate, disaster, environment, etc. www.journalistsresource.org

•  Natural Hazard Center website lists approx. 100 organizations that specialize in disaster mitigation research and practice. www.colorado.edu/hazards

•  Quarantelli Collection at Disaster Research Center, U. Delaware including EMForum Archive accessible for research/scholarship. www.udel.edu



Publications/Webinars by Donald Watson:  www.earthrisedesigns.com


Donald Watson (2001) Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design (McGraw-Hill)

Donald Watson and Michele Adams (2011) Design for Flooding: Resilience to Climate Change (Wiley)

Suddenly, nothing was ever the same: Post-Sandy (2014) Webinar - Redevelopment Institute.