The OARS list (Organizations Addressing Resilience and Sustainability)

Donald Watson, Editor

• Overview of organizations “pulling at the oars” to achieve resilience in U.S. communities and the world.

• Word-searchable reference to resources, membership services, grants, and job postings of employment and intern opportunities.

• Thousands of references in support of climate-science, emergency management, disaster risk reduction, business and community security and prosperity, public health, and sustainability.

• Invitation for your suggestions to improve the value, accuracy, and usefulness of the OARS LIST.


The OARS list is impartial and non-partisan. Organization descriptions are cited from web listings, with editorial abbreviations. The OARS list may be freely distributed in support of our shared endeavors to be fully and accurately informed with rapidly evolving best practices in creating resilient communities.


The list is not all-inclusive. Many valuable efforts and resources deserve to be added.


Your comments/corrections/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Donald Watson, FAIA, is an architect and author. He is principal of EarthRise design, Trumbull CT, with focus upon environmental design, sustainability, and resilience.